Friday, September 25, 2009

More Googlewhacks You Can Post

Below are some more googlewhacks ready to post on I've disguised them from the google spiders by prefixing the words with the letter z. So just remove the z from in front of each word and go post them on If you use google search to test them, YOU MUST PUT A PLUS SIGN (+) BEFORE EACH OF THE TWO WORDS:.

Zpowerwalking Zphallo (Suggested phrase to post with this: The Ron Jeremy workout)
Zfukien Zironwoman
Zbildungsromen Zlackeys
[Note: on Sept 30, 2009 I posted the above three googlewhacks to; they worked just fine.]

Zphallo Zcompradors (I'll show you mine if you show me yours)
Zphallo Zfrenchification (The French need to get some balls)
Zfukien Zoholic

Have fun coming up with humorous phrases that fit the words!

Oh, and be sure to click the final submit button very quickly several times so you can stack them multiple times and make your googewhacks more prominent.

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